Workshops and Training

Dr. Bajjali develops training and leads workshops for working professionals, student, and university faculty. He uses real data gathered from various regions around the world and has conducted his training seminars internationally.

Workshops and training seminars were held at various organizations and institutions including:

  • Concordia University (MontrĂ©al, Canada)
  • The University of Wisconsin (Wisconsin, USA - various campuses)
  • Sultan Qaboos University (Oman).
  • Ministry of Water Resources (Oman)
  • Ministry of Water & Electricity (Oman)
  • United Nation-ESCWA (Lebanon)
  • University of Jordan
  • Water Authority of Jordan


  • Beginning GIS Training
  • Advance GIS Training
  • GIS Training for Biology & Earth Sciences
  • GIS Training for Mathematics & Computer Science
  • Image Processing
  • GPS Technology


  • GIS Application Using ArcView and Spatial Analyst - Case Studies from UAE
  • GIS Application Using SPAN - Case Studies from Canada, Jordan, Bahrain, and Oman

Sultanate of Oman

  • GIS Applications in Water Resources Studies and Management Using ArcView, Engine, and X-tools
  • Integration Digital CAD Format into GIS System Using ArcView and Engine
  • Beginner Course Using ARC/INFO System
  • Advance Course Using ARC/INFO System (8.0.2) Hydrocarbon Contamination in Groundwater - Case Studies From Sharqieh Area


  • GIS Workshop in Hydrogeology
  • GIS Workshop in Geology at Jordan


  • Data integration of Paleogene aquifer in the Arabian Peninsula into GIS system