• Ph.D. in Hydrogeology, University of Ottawa - 1994
  • M.Sc. in Geology, University of Jordan - 1990
  • M.Sc. Mining Engineer, St-Petersburgh Mining Institute - 1982


  • Fulbright Scholar (2012)
  • Max H. Lavine Performance Award for Research - University of Wisconsin - USA (2006)
  • Dr. Brian Rust Memorial Scholarship University of Ottawa - Canada (1992)


Dr. Bajjali career spans 33 years in the environmental field as a hydrogeologist, researcher, educator, and GIS expert. He has broad practical experience in the field of environmental science. He has worked and led in several public and private sector organizations delivering environmental development projects in many regions including USA, Canada and the Middle East.

Dr. Bajjali is currently a Professor of Hydrogeology. He received his first M.S. in Mining Engineering from St. Petersburg Mining Institute, his second M.S. in Geology from the University of Jordan, and his Ph.D. in Hydrogeology from University of Ottawa, Canada. He is a member of the National Groundwater Association and the Wisconsin Groundwater Association, and has been a faculty member of University of Wisconsin Superior since 2001.

Dr. Bajjali research interest and publications include environmental isotope applications in hydrogeology, GIS applications in water resources research, environmental related problems, planning and management, and water resources issues with groundwater flow system, contaminations, modeling, water quality, and geo-chemistry.